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num Topic Resources

1 Introduction to text mining, Course Organisation slides pdf
2 Classification, KNN, Features slides pdf, diabetes.csv, classifier-KNN.ipynb
3 TF.IDF, Simple classifier slides pdf, lecture-tfidf.ipynb, 4docs.csv,
lecture-simple-text-classification.ipynb, simple-review.csv
4 word embedding, word2Vec, CBOW, Skipgram slides pdf, visualisation at https://ronxin.github.io/wevi/
5 CNN for text classification pdf
6 Python implementation, train embedding, pre-trained slides pdf,Sample code on Google Colab
7 More recent research in text representation, BERT slides pdf, Use BERT in Python
8 Challenges and some research projects slides pdf
9 Discussion  
10 text clustering HAC pdf
11 Kmeans, DBSCAN pdf
12 Recommender Systems pdf
13 Content based Recommender systems pdf
14 Information Retrieval, Google and PageRank pdf
15 Personalised Search, Evaluation
16 Query Expansion  
17 Machine Translation pdf
18 Review

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week 2 Friday, 5 March, topics related to text classification or clustering, such as new algorithms, deep learning models, or their applications
sign up Conner, Asher, Bonny (Yuguang)
week 4 Friday, 19 March, topics related to text representation such as word2vec, word embedding, word rank, new measures for word similarity
Sign up Ethan, Wenhao (Roy)Word2Vec-Roy(Wenhao Li).pptx, Hannah
week 7 Monday, 19 April, topics related to clustering algorithms, opinion mining, information extraction
Sign up Phillip, Peter, Zihan, Joshua
week 8 Friday, 30 April, topics related to recommender systems, such as the system used by Netflix, Amazon, youTube, etc.
sign up Finn Sargisson, George, Yunhan (John), Mathew
week10 Friday, 14 May, topics related to information retrieval, query expansion, personalised search, such as new search engines, new web services.
Sign up Alex, Guoqiang, Shengkun, Hugh
week12 Friday, 28 May , other topics including machine translation, other natural language processing tasks
Sign up Roger, Teh Yule Kim, William

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