COMP 102-112 (2021) - Home Page

Lectures and Labs at COVID Level 2

Lectures and Labs will run in-person and via zoom.

Room capacities are reduced, but if you have a mask, then you will definitely be able to attend in-person.

Lectures at Level 2:

The 102 and 112 lectures will still be delivered in person, but the lecture theatres have a lower capacity under level 2:
  • Kirk LT303 will hold only 126 students (additional students MUST have a mask)
  • Mclauren LT102 will hold only 56 students (additional students MUST have a mask)

Lectures will be recorded, as usual, and also available live on zoom:

Labs at Level 2:

We will run labs both in-person and online Zoom meeting for each TL and AL lab session. In-person lab:
  • CO219 can hold 21 instead of 42 (additional students MUST have a mask)
  • CO238 can hold 14 instead of 28 (additional students MUST have a mask)

Each TL and AL lab (both 102 and 112 students) is also online at (passcode comp102)
You can choose to join in-person or online. You are allowed do one of the labs in-person and the other online.

For all in-person lectures and labs:
  • Face covering is recommended
  • You must use the Covid track app for each room (Each lab/lecture has a separate QR code).

The original online labs (OL) are still open and are targeted to students by distance.

The optional 102/112 workshop and helpdesk will start in week 3.



21/2/2021: First COMP 102 Lecture:

The first COMP 102 lecture will be in Kirk LT303 at 2pm on Monday.
Please attend in-person if you possibly can!

For students who cannot attend in person:
- The lecture will be recorded and live streamed at
- It will also be on Zoom at  with meeting passcode comp102.

18/2/2021: This is the home page for both COMP102 and COMP112

Please note that this is the web site for both COMP102 and COMP112. The only differences between the two courses are the lectures.

5/2/2021: Announcements

Welcome to comp102-comp112

Our weekly timetable is at

Course Pages and Resources:

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