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6/6/2021: Test 3 time, rooms

When: Monday 14/06/2021      9:30am-11:30am
Where: (Determined by your surname, different for COMP102 and COMP112)
COMP102 Students:
                              Abdelnaby    -- Cotgreave   TTRLT1
                              Cowdell        -- Holland      COLT122
                              Hong            -- Manocha    HULT323
                              Marris           -- Sewell       MCLT103
                              Shanmugam  --Zong          MCLT101
COMP112 Students:
                              Acland         -- Holdaway    KKLT301
                              Holmes        -- Zhou           KKLT303
Distance students check this page for your instructions:

19/5/2021: No lecture Today (Wednesday 19 May)

Today's lecture is cancelled for both 102 and 112.

4/5/2021: Test 2 for distance students

Please check this page at
If you really can not do it Thursday 5-6 due to the time difference, please email me at and give me a time that you can sit the test. It must be a time on Friday, either 6am-7am, or some time between 9am to 2pm (NZ time).
Two person have contacted me weeks ago to ask for a different time, please email me again to give me your ID, name and a NZ time to sit the test

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