OBS - Open Broadcasting Service

OBS is an open-source application that provides, screen recording, streaming, and a virtual camera.

Install OBS

Windows | Mac | OBSLinux

Using OBS with Zoom

When working together in a tutorial or lab, it is useful to see other students' screens. OBS provides a Virtual camera that can replace the webcam for your Zoom video input.

  1. If you are asked to test streaming performance, you can cancel that request and go straight into the program. We can set up streaming preferences later.
  2. You should have just "Scene" shown under "Scenes" with the comment under sources of "you don't have any sources". Click the + button in the bottom right corner of the "Sources" window to select the thing to show.
  3. You will be presented with choices of what to add to sources. For the whole screen select "Display Capture" then choose the screen you want to capture. If you want to add a webcam you can also add "Video Capture Device".
    OBSCapture.PNG selectSource.PNG DisplayCapture.PNG
  4. Activate the "Start Virtual Camera" under Controls
    InkedOBScontrols LI.jpg
  5. In Zoom, change your camera to the "OBS Virtual Camera".
This will allow you to show your screen (as well as your webcam) as your video in Zoom.

Note, If you want to get more fancy, you can set up more scenes in your OBS so you have a "full video" and a "bottom corner" scene for example so you can switch between you full camera view, like normal zoom, and screen sharing view.

Using OBS to Record (Not required for the labs)

Having set up a scene as for step 1 and 2 above you can also record your screen to a local file using the "Start Recording" button under the controls
InkedOBScontrols record.jpg
This will by default record to "documents/video" but you can change the quality and the location of the saved files in the Settings menu just below Studio mode in the "controls"

If you are recording remember to "remux" the recording from the File menu in the top left
This will turn the file from an "mkv" to an "mp4" which is easier to upload and edit with other software.

Streaming with OBS

We will cover streaming a bit later in the year so that you can use the streaming system to connect to the tutors so they can proactively help you even when you by watching a group of students on our internal streaming server which communicates to Discord.
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