Not easily. If we provide a jar file that you could run at home, then it would be trivial to extract the .class files and very straightforward to decompile them, which would give you the answer, and destroy the whole point of the assignment.

To run it at home, you would need to have a VPN or SSH tunneled X session that would let you connect to one of the ECS servers (eg and then run the demo using the demo command(eg. demo comp102 1 SymbolDrawer). This is not impossible to do. If you have a windows machine, then you can install putty and cygwin. You can set up your putty to connect to and to tunnel X commands, and you can run the cygwin x server (using launchX, I think), and then perform the demo command on barretts using putty.

I think it is much easier to come to the labs to run it.