COMP102/112 2022 Tri 1: Submitting Assignments.

You may submit your answers to the assignments via your web browser from anywhere that you have web access.

Each assignment page has a link to the appropriate submission page where you can upload files from your computer to the submission system. You can also access these pages via the main COMP102 submission system.

To upload and thus submit any file you can add your files either by dragging and dropping them or by using the +Upload files... button.

When you have uploaded all the files, click on the "Run checks" button so that the system processes your files appropriately. If you forget to click this button, then your files will not be compiled or checked, and you won't be notified.

You may resubmit any file as many times as you like, but be careful:
  • The markers will only see the latest version that you have submitted.
  • You should click the "Run chcks" button again after resubmitting an updated version of your files.
  • If you resubmit a file after the deadline, then you will use some of your late time allowance.

The system will let you submit any kind of file but the markers will only look at relevant files and only look at files that they can open
  • Don't expect the markers to look at files for any applications that we don't have on the lab computers.
  • For most assignments, you are only allowed to submit .java files.
  • Keep the filename as simple as possible and avoid special characters.

On the submission page, you can see a listing of all the files that you have submitted; always check that the files are the ones you intended to submit. For each assignment, we also list the files you have to submit.

We will also use the submission system for returning marks and comments on your assignments, but there is a separate link on each assignment page for this.