COMP 102-112, 2023 - Exam

When and where for the in-person exam

  • Thursday 15 June 2023 9:30-11:30 am, NZ time.
  • There are 5 rooms allocated for the COMP102 students and 2 rooms for the COMP112 students. You will need to find out which room you need to go based on your course and surname:

A - CHO       → MCLT102 A - MAN       → COLT122
CHR - GREEN N.  → HULT323 MAR - Z       → TTRLT1
GREEN P. - LO      → MCLT103
LY - RI        → MCLT101
RO - Z        → HMLT205

  • Please attend the exam venue at least 10 minutes before the start of the exam.

Online exam

  • The online exam starts one hour after the in-person one.
  • In order to sit the exam online you will need to be in one of these categories, and you must contact the course coordinator Karsten Lundqvist ( by Tuesday 13/06/2023 5pm.
    1. You have enrolled as a distance (online) student.
    2. Something has happened and as result you cannot sit the in-person exam (we may ask for proof).
If you are in one of these categories, please let us know as soon as possible. Otherwise, we will assume that you will sit the in-person exam.

  • If you have contacted Disability Services and have received confirmation from them, please contact the school office at (

Distance students doing the online exam

  • Email me if you will sit the online exam and your ID is not on this list:

300588494 - 300543407 - 300550065 - 300595469 - 300637214 - 300609787 - 300626159 - 300644299 - 300637059 - 300651818 - 300568668 - 300375123 - 300652492 - 300654796

  • Click the following link for the questions and more instructions on using Zoom. Test this page now and email Ghassem ( if you cannot access it.
  • ONLINE EXAM PAGE accessible to students with IDs listed above.

Exam rules

COMP102 exam will be centrally administered, please check this page for the exam rules:

Exam instructions

  • There are 120 marks in total
  • You must NOT use BlueJ or any other Java editor.
  • ECS100 reference sheet is provided with the test
  • If you think some question is unclear or has an error, ask for clarification
  • You may not communicate with anyone while working on the test.
  • "Closed book", You can only use calculators; no other resources are allowed (such as lecture notes or your assignments, or textbooks).
  • You can use translator software or a dictionary.
  • Do not use phone, chat, or email to discuss the questions except with the course coordinator or your invigilator.

After exam

  • Do not post any questions
  • Do not post any answers
  • Do not use any forum, group chat, or any other media to talk about questions after the test, in case some students have to sit the exam late due to sickness.