COMP103: Assignments and Tutorials

Note that the demos are only available on the school workstations, and are not on the web to be copied or downloaded to run at home.

See also the weekly timetable with lecture, lab, and tutorial times. Assignments are due at 11am on the due date.

Tutorials run in each week there is an assignment, so we attach questions for the tutorials to each. These questions and exercises are suggestions only: the tutor may pick and choose from these, or their own ideas.

Assignment Available Due Zip
Assignment 1 Friday, 9 March 11am, Friday, 16 March
Assignment 2 Friday, 16 March 11am, Friday, 23 March
Assignment 3 Friday, 23 March 11am, Friday, 30 March
Assignment 4 Friday, 30 March 11am, Friday, 6 April
Assignment 5 Wednesday, 4 April 11am, Wednesday, 2 May
Assignment 6 Friday, 4 May 11am, Friday, 11 May
Assignment 7 Friday, 11 May 11am, Wednesday, 23 May
Assignment 8 Friday, 18 May 11am, Friday, 1 June
Assignment 9 Friday, 1 June 11am, Monday, 11 June

Note: Assignments are mainly opportunities for you to learn, and your work in them is mainly to be assessed via your ability to do well in the tests and exam. Despite this, the assignments do carry a slight weighting (about 2 percent each) towards assessment, as well as being a mandatory requirement (you must make a reasonable attempt at 5 out of the 9). Most assignments consist of "core" (essential) and "completion" parts (useful as it extends you), plus further challenges for experts only.

See also general information about