COMP103: Lecture Schedule

Lectures are held at 11:00am - 11:50am in HM LT002 (Hugh Mackenzie building), on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, as per the university timetable.

There are 30 lectures plus 1 course review lecture, as indicated below ( forthcoming titles may change as the course progresses ).

Lecture # Day/Date Topic Slides
week 1 (starts 5 March)
lecture 1 Mon Introduction pptx pdf
lecture 2 Wed Libraries pptx pdf
lecture 3 Fri Collections
Assignment 1 out Friday, 9 March
(due in Friday, 16 March)
pptx pdf
week 2 (starts 12 March)
lecture 4 Mon Bag, Set, and Stack pptx pdf
lecture 5 Wed Maps and Queues pptx pdf
lecture 6 Fri Iterators and Iterable
Assignment 2 out Friday, 16 March
(due in Friday, 23 March)
pptx pdf
week 3 (starts 19 March)
  Mon No lecture  
lecture 7 Wed Comparators and Comparable pptx pdf
lecture 8 Fri Implementing ArrayList
Assignment 3 out Friday, 23 March
(due in Friday, 30 March)
pptx pdf
week 4 (starts 26 March)
lecture 9 Mon Implementing ArrayList-2 pptx pdf
lecture 10 Wed Analysing Costs pptx pdf
lecture 11 Fri ArraySet, Binary Search
Assignment 4 out Friday, 30 March
(due Friday, 6 April)
pptx pdf
week 5 (starts 2 April)
lecture 12 Mon Sorting - selection, insertion... pptx pdf
lecture 13 Wed Recursion
Assignment 5 out Wednesday, 4 April
(due in Wednesday, 2 May)
pptx pdf
  Fri No lecture because of Good Friday
Mid-trimester Break, 6 April - 22 April
week 6 (starts 23 April)
lecture 14 Mon MergeSort and analysis pptx pdf
  Wed No lecture because of ANZAC Day
lecture 15 Fri QuickSort and analysis
pptx pdf
week 7 (starts 30 April)
  Mon Mid-term test
lecture 16 Wed Linked Stuctures pptx pdf
lecture 17 Fri Linked Lists
Assignment 6 out Friday, 4 May
(due in Friday, 11 May)
pptx pdf
week 8 (starts 7 May)
lecture 18 Mon More about Linked Lists pptx pdf
lecture 19 Wed Linked stacks and queues pptx pdf
lecture 20 Fri Introduction to trees
Assignment 7 out Friday, 11 May
(due in Wednesday, 23 May)
pptx pdf
week 9 (starts 14 May)
lecture 21 Mon General trees pptx pdf
lecture 22 Wed Traversing Trees pptx pdf
lecture 23 Fri Binary Search Trees
Assignment 8 out Friday, 18 May
(due in Friday, 1 June)
pptx pdf
week 10 (starts 21 May)
lecture 24 Mon Binary Search Trees 2 pptx pdf
lecture 25 Wed Binary Search Trees 3 pptx pdf
lecture 26 Fri Partially ordered trees, and priority queues pptx pdf
week 11 (starts 28 May)
lecture 27 Mon HeapSort pptx pdf
lecture 28 Wed Bitsets pptx pdf
lecture 29 Fri Hashing
Assignment 9 out Friday, 1 June
(due in Monday, 11 June)
pptx pdf
week 12 (starts 4 June)
  Mon No lecture because of Queens Birthday
lecture 30 Wed Collisions in hashing pptx pdf
lecture 31 Fri Course review pptx pdf