Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms: COMP103 2020 Trimester T2.


7/8/2020: Forwarding your VUW email to your own email.

Announcements, responses to the comp103-help, and a variety of other course-related email will be sent to your email account.  By default, that email is forwarded to your email account .  If you don't check your email account, you may miss important information.

You can forward your email to your preferred email account by following the instructions at

31/7/2020: Are you using BlueJ 4.1.4?

The instructions for downloading BlueJ on the COMP 103 website were out of date and wrong! (fixed now).
If you downloaded BlueJ 4.2.2 for COMP 102/112 and are still using it, then everything is fine.
But if you followed the COMP 103 page instruction and are using BlueJ version 4.1.4, then you need to update to BlueJ version 4.2.2  
The correct instructions are now be on the page
DeShredder and Sokoban would not have worked properly for you; if your assignment 1 was affected, please email the course coordinator.

29/7/2020: Comp102/112 Assig 10 marks

Finally, the marks for Assig 10 are now available (update: found the extra 5 buttons to make them actually available!)
To view them, go to

They were marked automatically, by running your methods on a set of test cases.  
Here is a slightly simplified description of how it worked:
- Each method was tested on between 6 and 25 test cases.
- Basic test cases gave you marks for passing, and they easily got your mark go up to 100.
- Tricky test cases gave you a penalty for failing; the total penalty was at most 30 marks.
- pass all test cases -> 100
- pass most/all the basic test cases and fail all tricky ones -> approx 70
- fail several of the basic test cases and the tricky ones -> less than 70.

Key Course Pages and Resources:

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System Management: Set up ECS account, Change password, Forward your email, Check print allocation, Report a problem

Technical Documentation and FAQs: There are lots of useful pages at Support.WebHome on many different aspects of the ECS computing system.

Science/Engineering Faculty resources: Page of ECS student support resources, Āwhina and Pasifika Student Success team - support network for Maori and Pasifika. Science and Engineering Faculty office.

VUW resources: Learning Support, Study Resources, helpful booklets on many study topics; Computing Services
VUW Library resources for Engineering, and Computer Science

Clubs: VEC (VUW Engineering Club)

Other resources: A list of free online courses in computer science, which could add to your learning. Also, A useful list of common Java errors and what to do about them