Assignment Videos.

COMP 102/COMP 112, 2020 T1: Assignment Videos (Demos, Answers, Tutorials)

For all the assignments, we will make videos of the demos, model answers. We will also make some tutorial videos that step through the process of solving the problems.

Note that
  • you can view the videos but you must NOT put them up on the web anywhere else - they are JUST for students in the course this year.
  • we don't give answers for the challenge sections at all.

Assignment 9

  • ArrayExercise: Demo
  • TileExercise: Demo
  • EarthquakeAnalyser: Demo
  • DominoGame: Demo

Assignment 8+9

  • ImageProcessor: Demo

Assignment 8

Assignment 7

Assignment 6

Assignment 5

Assignment 4

Assignment 3

Assignment 2

Assignment 1