• You must email me if you can not do the test 5pm-7pm 10 Sep.
  • You do the test at home on your own computer.
  • you can do it in CO242 if you need to use lab computers or Internet (limited to 5 students, must email me)
  • You can go to the zoom meeting "comp132" to ask questions or ask for help during the test time.

The term test questions

  • The test file is here: Test.pdf
  • There is a typo in Q2: 30's square is 900

Template file

  • The template file is here: TermTest.ipynb
  • Download this file and save it to your working directory.
  • Start Jupyter Notebook, browse to your working directory, open this file and run it.
  • If you can not open this file using Jupyter Notebook, it might be in the wrong format. Check the extension of the file name. If it has .txt as the extension, rename the file. It has to be called TermTest.ipynb.
  • If this does not fix it, try to download again using this zip file: TermTest.zip. You may need to copy or extract the TermTest.ipynb file to the right directory.

  • If none of the above works for you, do not panic. All data is given in the test paper, you just start a new file and type them yourself.


Before the test:
  • You should be able to see the questions easily by one click
  • you should be able to write code to the template file and run it

Start the test:
  • Download the template file. Fill in the answers. Do not change the file name.
  • Save your file frequently to avoid data loss.
  • The test is designed for 50 minutes. You have two hours to submit it.
  • If we start late due to file problems, we will finish late.

  • Save your code, submit it immediately using the right link.
  • Do not modify your code anymore. (This is important in case of submission problems)

Term test rules
  • Open book, can use documentation, can Google
  • Do not use phone, chat or email to talk about the questions
  • Do not post any questions
  • Do not post any answers
  • Do not use forum or group chat to talk about questions in the next 24 hours.

-- Main.xgao - 2 Sep 2020