COMP 261 (2020) - Assignments

NB! All assignments in this course are going to be marked in person during the corresponding marking sessions scheduled over two weeks normally following the assignment submission. Make sure you signup marking sessions and get your submitted assignments marked. If you fail to get a submitted assignments marked by the end of the course, you will get 0% for the unmarked assignment.

Assignment Due Date Marking Period
Assignment 1 22 March 2020 Extended break
Assignment 2 26 April 2020 Week 5 and 6
Assignment 3 17 May 2020 Weeks 8 and 9
Assignment 4 07 June 2020 Weeks 10 and 11
Assignment 5 21 June 2020 Weeks 12 and Study Week

Tutor information:

Name Email
Ahad Rahman
Bri Carmine
Calvin Lee
Ethan Munn
Finlay Sargisson
Hayden Dyne
Hugh Lockwood
Kian Foulkes
Nader Riad
William Fowler