COMP 261 (2021) - Algorithms and Data Structures - Assignments

NB! All assignments in this course are going to be marked in person during the corresponding marking sessions scheduled over two weeks normally following the assignment submission. Make sure you signup for marking sessions and get your submitted assignments marked. If you do not turn up to your marking session (or arrange an alternative with the course coordinator), we will attempt to mark your assignment in your absence. We will limit the time we spend to the standard 10 mins, and if we are not able to run your program or find the bits of code, then you won't get many marks, possibly 0%.

Assignment Due Date Marking Period
Assignment 1 (10%) Wed 17 March 2021 (week 4) Weeks 5 and 6
Assignment 2 (10%) Wed 14 April 2021 (second week of mid trimester break) Weeks 7 and 8
Assignment 3 (10%) Wed 5 May 2021 (week 9) Weeks 10 and 11
Assignment 4 (10%) Sun 23 May 2021 (week 11) Week 12
Assignment 5 (10%) Sun 13 June 2021 (second week of three week assessment period) Automatically Marked Offline

The mock test paper: the model answers

NB! Test 1 (25%): Thursday 10am 22 April (week 7)

NB! Test 2 (25%): Thursday 10am 27 May (week 12)

NB! For both tests:

A-H go to SUMT228 (the usual room)
I-L go to MYLT101 (first extra room)
M-Z go to TTRLT1 (second extra room).