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Welcome to the home page for COMP 307 in 2012.

5/6/2012: Last week

Assignment 3 is marked and you may pick up from our school office at CO358.
Assignment 4 is due this Friday 5pm.

Two helpdesks this week: (please email me if you need more)

  Wed 1-2 CO238 Tutor: Su
  Fri 11-12 CO238 Tutor: Bing  

Last lecture on Tuesday: summary, exam and answer questions.
Friday tutorial is cancelled.

Good luck with your exams!

28/5/2012: Week 11

Lectures on Monday and Tuesday: brief introduce text mining and search.

Week 11 help desks  
   Mon 4-5 CO238 Tutor: Su  
   Wed 1-2 CO238 Tutor: Urvesh  
   Fri 11-12 CO238 Tutor: Bing  
Friday tutorial is canceled.
Assignment 4 is due 8 June 5pm.


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