There are three major pieces of work:
  1. Assignment 1Learning to develop in a game engine (30 hours)
    • Code - Blueprint exercise. Implement simple player interactions in blueprints, create a blueprint node from C++ code, set up realtime shared editing of code. Review of visual programming techniques. 6th August (25% - 30%)
    • Pitching Game Design. Optional 6th August (0-5%)
  2. Game development project – groups (up to seven) produce a playable final 3D game (software output) (60 hrs).15th October (40%)
    • GRP Prototype Development Schedule 13th August
    • Prototype Development Submission and Presentation 17th September
    • Final Development Schedule 24th September
    • Final Game Submission) 15th October
  3. Code Reflection (30 hours) 23rd October (30%)
    • Documentation of the contribution to the project
    • Discussion of the quality of the code (blueprints) created
    • Reflection on your game development process

Late Penalty

Late submission will incur a penalty of 10% shrinking cap per day on that assessment item, unless previously negotiated. Shrinking cap reduces the maximum mark achievable per day - so for example after 3 days the maximum grade is 70%.