COMP 361 (2021) - Design and Analysis of Algorithms - Tutorials

NB! Tutorials are on Mondays in TTR205 at 11am.

NB! Helpdesks are on Tuesdays in CO242B at 11am.

Week Number Questions Extra Notes by Aisha
2 Algorithm Analysis Tutorial 1-Notes.pdf
3 Divide and Conquer Tutorial 2-Notes.pdf
4 Greedy Algorithms  
5 Dynamic Programming  
6 Discuss Solutions to Assignment 1  
7 Test 1 discussion  
8 Public holiday  
9 Graph and graph search algorithms Tutorial Graphs.pdf
10 Graph, complexity and linear programming Tutorial graph complexity and linear programming.pdf
11 Linear programming, approximation algorithm and local search algorithm linear programming approximation local search algorithms.pdf
12 Local search and randomized algorithm local search randomized algorithm.pdf
Hand-written answers to some tutorial questions from week 9 to week 12 hand-written-answers.pdf