CYBR 471 (2021) - Lecture Schedule

  • Basics = The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing book
  • Cybersecurity = Cybersecurity - Attack and Defense Strategies book
  • EH Ethical hacking v2 labs
  • S+ Security+ labs
  • C+ CCCO CySA+

Week Topic Slides Video Lab
1 Course introduction pptx video Linux basics
2 Reconnaisance (Basics, chapter 2) pptx video DNS Footprinting (EH)
Social Engineering with SET (EH)
3 Scanning (Basics, chapter 3) pptx video Reconnaissance with Nmap, Zenmap and Masscan
Vulnerability Scanning with OpenVAS (EH)
Evading IDS (EH)
4 Exploitation (Basics, chapter 4) pptx video Password Cracking with JTR and Hashcat (EH)
Metasploit Framework and Armitage
Web Pentesting (EH)
Client Side Exploitations (EH)
5 Exploitation Tools (Basics, chapter 4) pptx video discussion ARP Spoofing and MiTM Attacks
Backdooring with Netcat (EH)
VNC as a Backdoor (EH)
6 Post exploitation (Basics, chapter 5) pptx video Assignment 1 due 4th April
7 Threat Intelligence (Cybersecurity, chapter 13) pptx video  
8 Investigating an Incident (Cybersecurity, chapter 14) pptx video  
9 Recovery Process (Cybersecurity, chapter 15) pptx video  
10 Vulnerability Analysis (Cybersecurity, chapter 16) pptx video  
11 Log Analysis (Cybersecurity, chapter 17) pptx video Assignment 2 due 22nd May
12 Present your proposed assignment 3 ideas pptx video Assignment 3 due 20th June