Gideon Gouws

ECEN202_2021_Introduction.pdf: Course Introduction 2021

Section1a_Review of number systems.pdf: Lecture 1a: Review of number systems

Section1a_Review of number systems.pdf: Assignment 0 - Review Questions on Number Systems

Section1b_Review_of_LogicGates.pdf: Section 1b: Review of Logic gates

Section1c_Review_of_Combinatorial Logic.pdf: Section1c_Review_of_Combinatorial Logic.pdf

Section2a_Sequential_Logic_FF and Latches.pdf: Lectures Monday 8 March and Wednesday 10 March

Section2b_Sequential_Logic_FFs.ppt.pdf: Lecture Friday 12 March

Section 3a_Asynchronous Counters_2021.pdf: Section 3a_Asynchronous Counters_2021.pdf

Section 3b_Synchronous Counters.pdf: Section 3b_Synchronous Counters.pdf

Section 3c_Counter Design.pdf: Section 3c_Counter Design.pdf

Section 3d_Examples of Synchronous Counter Design.pdf: Section 3d_Examples of Synchronous Counter Design.pdf

Assignment0_ECEN202_2020.pdf: Assignment 0_Number Systems

Assignment0_EEEN202_Solutions Guide.pdf: Assignment0_EEEN202_Solutions Guide.pdf

Assignment1_2021.pdf: Assignment1_2021.pdf

Assignment 1_Guide to Answers_EEEN202_2021.pdf: Assignment 1_Guide to Answers_EEEN202_2021.pdf

Problem Set 2_2020_Guide to Answers.pdf: Problem Set 2 and Guide to Answers

ECEN 202 Test 1May 2020.pdf: Test 1 2020

Robin Dykstra

EEEN202 uP L1 2021.pdf: EEEN202 uP L1 2021.pdf

EEEN202 uP L2 2021.pdf: EEEN202 uP L2 2021.pdf

EEEN202 up L3 2021.pdf: EEEN202 up L3 2021.pdf

EEEN202 uP L4 2021.pdf: EEEN202 uP L4 2021.pdf

EEEN202 uP L5 2021.pdf: EEEN202 uP L5 2021.pdf

EEEN202 uP L6 2021.pdf: EEEN202 uP L6 2021.pdf

EEEN202 uP L7 2021.pdf: EEEN202 uP L7 2021.pdf

EEEN202 ADDA L1 2021.pdf: EEEN202 ADDA L1 2021.pdf

EEEN202 ADDA L2 2021.pdf: EEEN202 ADDA L2 2021.pdf

EEEN202 ADDA L3 2021.pdf: EEEN202 ADDA L3 2021.pdf

EEEN202 ADDA L4 2021.pdf: EEEN202 ADDA L4 2021.pdf

EEEN202 Memory L1 2021.pdf: EEEN202 Memory L1 2021.pdf

EEEN202 Memory L2 2021.pdf: EEEN202 Memory L2 2021.pdf

EEEN202 Wrap up 2021.pdf: EEEN202 Wrap up 2021.pdf

EEEN202 uP review 2021.pdf: EEEN202 uP review 2021.pdf

Example test questions.pdf: Example test questions.pdf Example test questions answers.pdf: Example test questions answers.pdf

ECEN202 Test 2 2019.pdf: ECEN202 Test 2 2019.pdf Please note that in 2019 a different staff member taught the course and this year we have significantly reduced the ADC, DAC and sampling material.

Extra microprocessor material

AT89C51AC3.pdf: AT89C51AC3.pdf

Embedded Programming Textbook.pdf: Embedded Programming Textbook.pdf

8051 instructions.pdf: 8051 instructions.pdf