To get to GitLab go to

Log in with your ECS username and account.

You will be taken to your team GitLab repository.

NOTE: After GitLab update yesterday morning (Thursday)some people have problem logging in this way if no Project was created. Bug have been reported. An alternative way to log in is to copy-paste the link into browser and replace last digits with your team number (t1, t23, etc.).

Create new Project. Edit "" file and put project plan there.

Project plan should contain:
  • List of team members and their contact info (do not use private emails)
  • What are assigned roles: architect, tester, coordinator, etc with brief roles description.
  • General design of the software. How it is divided into pieces.
  • Road map (as a table). Each row of the table is
    start date task description responsible team member end date outcome

Plan will be marked based on how detailed is this roadmap. Progress report will be marked on how closely roadmap was followed to the date.

Do not submit Project Plan. It will be marked from your team repository.