Welcome to the ENGR 121 labs! Have a look at the schedule and the scripts below.

Lab sign-up takes place in Week 1 and labs begin in Week 2. All labs meet in Co219 and Co238. These are adjacent lab rooms - just go to either one.

In-Person lab times are as follows: Thursday 9:00-10:50, 11:00-12:50, 13:10-15:00 and Friday 10:00-11:50.

A Zoom lab will be scheduled (day and time TBA). The introductory presentation for the Zoom lab will also be recorded and posted under VStream Videos (in Labs folder) on Blackboard

Lab sessions are two hours duration and begin with an introductory presentation, and then students work on their own with help from lab tutors available. Each lab exercise is scheduled for two lab sessions as per the schedule below, but most students will not require the full four hours to finish most of the labs. Help is also available for all first year ECS classes at the Monday and Wednesday evening workshops, 5 PM - 8 PM in Co118/9.

Labs are submitted as pdfs through the assessment system.

Lab Schedule

All labs meet in CO238 and CO243 (go to either one)
Week Dates Lab
Week 1 22 Feb - 26 Feb Sign up, labs do not meet
Week 2 1 Mar - 5 Mar Lab 1
Week 3 8 Mar - 12 Mar Lab 1
Week 4 15 Mar - 19 Mar Lab 2
Week 5 22 Mar - 26 Mar Lab 2
Week 6 29 Mar - 2 Apr No Labs
break 5 Apr - 16 Apr No Labs
Week 7 19 Apr - 23 Apr No Labs - Test week
Week 8 26 Apr - 30 Apr Lab 3
Week 9 3 May - 7 May Lab 3
Week 10 10 May - 14 May Lab 4
Week 11 17 May - 21 May Lab 4
Week 12 24 May - 28 May No Labs


Lab 1

Please bring your smart phone if you have one. We will be exploring upload and download rates using the campus WiFi system and comparing the performance with theoretical maximums.

There is a link to the lab script below. Click on Lab 1 and download the script. Complete the script on your computer and submit using the link below to the assessment system.

Lab 1 Script

Due 15 March 2021 at 23:59 PM Submit

Lab 2

In this lab we will use some small robot vehicles to study motion, and along the way reinforce a number of concepts from ENGR 121 lectures and assignments and help prepare you for CGRA 151.

Lab 2 Script

Due 19 April at 23:59 PM but we recommend submitting before break Submit

Lab 3

In this lab we will work through the mathematics of a real-world consulting project that Prof. Mark McGuinness worked on. The project involves optimizing the quality of manuka honey. It uses and extends the knowledge you have already acquired in lectures and assignments about functions (especially quadratics), and graphing.

Lab 3 Script

Due 10 May 2021 at 23:59 PM Submit

Lab 4

In this lab we will learn to use matrices to rotate vectors. This will help to prepare you for next test and also for CGRA 151 and/or ENGR 122 next term.

Lab 4 Script

Due 24 May 2021 at 23:59 PM Submit