Engineering Project Management 1 - Health And Safety

ENGR 301: 2021 Trimester 1

H&S Documentation Requirements

Most, if not all, ENGR 301 projects have aspects of health and safety associated with project activities. To manage these aspects, the School requires project teams to complete certain health and safety documentation to be assessed as part of the Performance Assessment. If the risk analysis prepared during requirements gathering indicates medium or major risk of harm then the team will be required to prepare a Project Safety Plan to be assessed as part of the Performance Assessment.

Project Activities Occurring Off-Campus

Some projects may require work to be completed off-campus on field trips. All field trips must be first approved through the submission of an Off-Campus Activity Plan (OCAP) at least 3 full days prior to the event. Meetings or other visits to off-campus workplaces are not expected to be common, but are acceptable on occasion. All teams must observe the Health and Safety protocols of the workplace they are visiting and must notify the Course Coordinator Craig Anslow and their Senior Manager prior to the off-site meeting.

Incident Reporting

When something unexpected happens when undertaking a hazardous activity it is called an "incident". That might sound ominous, but it just means "something happened which was different to the expected occurrence". There are some things which need to be done after an incident, particularly an incident which occurs on an off-campus activity. The most important two are:

  1. When there is an incident Safety Office Roger Cliffe (, Head of School Stuart Marshall and Course Coordinator Craig Anslow need to be notified in writing as soon as possible. Email counts as writing. Just a few sentences is fine for notification. If the incident is more than minor (e.g. involving injury), then a phone call immediately would be appropriate, to then be followed up in writing as soon as possible.
  2. There needs to be an incident report once the activity finishes. Only 1/2 page A4 in length, it doesn't need to be overly detailed. Apart from a brief statement of the deviation, addressing what responses were taken should be sufficient.

H&S Resources

H&S Enquiries

Any H & S related queries should be addressed to the School Safety Officer Roger Cliffe ( with a CC to the Course Coordinator Craig Anslow. Roger's contact details are: