Engineering Project Management 1 - Lecture Schedule

Lecture times and venues

Lecture times and venues for ENGR 301 are, unless otherwise advised:
Day Time Room
Monday 10:00 - 10:50 Maclaurin MCLT102
Tuesday 10:00 - 10:50 Maclaurin MCLT102
Thursday 10:00 - 10:50 Hugh Mackenzie HMLT104

Lecture Schedule for ENGR 301: 2023 Trimester 1

Please note that Entries in italics are provisional.
Week Start Day Lecture Topic
1 27/02/2023 Monday Introduction to ENGR 301 (PDF)
  Tuesday Bodies of Knowledge Slides (PDF) Notes (PDF)
  Thursday No lecture
2 6/03/2023 Monday Introduction to 2023 Project
  Tuesday Requirements Engineering Slides (PDF) Notes (PDF)
  Thursday Data Recorder Project Requirements
3 13/03/2023 Monday GitLab I (PDF) Tutorial/Notes (Markdown)
  Tuesday git I Notes (PDF)
  Thursday No lecture
4 20/03/2023 Monday git II (PDF)
  Tuesday git III (PDF)
  Thursday git III (PDF; last few slides); Assignment 2 hints
5 27/03/2023 Monday GitLab II - Merge Requests (PDF)
  Tuesday GitLab-III - Iterations, Milestones and Epics (PDF)
  Thursday No lecture
6 03/04/2023 Monday Project Integration Management (PDF)
  Tuesday Human Resource Management (PDF)
  Thursday No lecture
Mid-Trimester Break
7 24/04/2023 Monday Quality Management (PDF)
  Tuesday ANZAC Day
  Thursday Data Recorder Q & A
8 01/05/2023 Monday Continuous Integration (PDF)
  Tuesday Build Management (PDF)
  Thursday No lecture
9 08/05/2023 Monday No lecture
  Tuesday No lecture
  Thursday No lecture
10 15/05/2023 Monday Performance Portfolio Discussion
  Tuesday Risk Management (PDF)
  Thursday Data Recorder Q & A
11 22/05/2023 Monday Communication Management (PDF)
  Tuesday Project Closing (PDF)
  Thursday No lecture
12 27/05/2023 Monday Performance Portfolio Q & A
  Tuesday Course Summary
  Thursday No lecture