Systems Programming - Exercises

We have introduced small programming exercises to help you learn the basics of C/C++ programming languages. The exercises are automatically marked when you submit them to the online submission system. You may re-submit as many times as you like in order to improve your mark before the deadline. Note that any exercise submitted after the deadline will not be marked and will get 0 marks.

Click on the exercise (entry in first column) to view the exercise details. The exercise details will become available on the indicated Out By Date.

Exercise Out By Submit By Submission Link
Exercise 1 01 Mar 2022 11 Mar 2022 23:59
Exercise 2 22 Mar 2022 01 Apr 2022 23:59
Exercise 3 26 Apr 2022 06 May 2022 23:59
Exercise 4 10 May 2022 20 May 2022 23:59

Penalties for Exercises

Any exercise submitted after the deadline (normally 23:59 on Fridays) will not be marked and will get 0 marks. There are no "late days" for exercises.

Automarking Status Codes

When you submit your code for automarking, the script will output a message about how the marking went. The message might include some status codes (two or three-letter codes). These codes are generated by the underlying marker program used (we are using DMOJ). Below are the meaning of the status codes:
  • AC: Accepted
  • WA: Wrong Answer
  • IR: Invalid Return
  • RTE: Runtime Exception
  • OLE: Output Limit Exceeded
  • MLE: Memory Limit Exceeded
  • TLE: Time Limit Exceeded
  • IE: Internal Error
For more details about these codes, visit