Two Lectures per week will be held in scheduled lecture times on:

Tuesday, Friday 12:00 12:50 MC LT101
We have been asked to free up resources where possible, so I will be returning the Monday room booking to the university - we mght need this time for another purpose though, so keep it in your calendars.

All lectures will be recorded, and will be availble in your Blackboard accounts, sometime (there is a processing delay) after the physical lecture. Please check the panopto pane for details.

Slides for:
Week Topic slides links
1 (Tuesday) Introduction 1.NWEN.243.pdf  
1 (Friday) Datalink Layer 2.NWEN.243.pdf  
2 (Tuesday) Routing 3.NWEN.243.pdf  
2 (Friday) Cancelled - due to bereavement    
3 (Tuesday) Routing/IP 4.NWEN.243.pdf  
3 (Friday) Routing/IP 5.NWEN.243.pdf  
4 (Tuesday) BGP/Transport 6.NWEN.243.pdf  
4 (Friday) Transport 7.NWEN.243.pdf  
5 (Tuesday) Transport/TCP 8.NWEN.243.pdf  
5 (Friday) TCP 9.NWEN.243.pdf  
6 (Tuesday) TCP/HTTP 10.NWEN.243.pdf  
6 (Friday) Application Layer 11.NWEN.243.pdf  
7 (Tuesday) DNS 12.NWEN.243.pdf  
7 (Friday) XML 13.NWEN.243.pdf  
8 (Tuesday) Finish XML example
then we'll have a drop in Q&A session - bring questions(usual lecture room)
I'll also try to zoom
8 (Friday) Free - due to timed assessment.    
9 (Tuesday) Introduction to the Cloud    
9 (Friday)      
10 (Tuesday)      
10 (Friday)      
11 (Tuesday)      
11 (Friday)      
12 (Tuesday)      
12 (Friday)      

-- Main.kris - 09 Jul 2020