Lab Exercises

Lab 0 Using CORE and Network Tools
- Lab exercise to familiarize yourself with CORE and several network tools.
- You do not need to submit anything and no marks will be given, but you will need to show to the tutor that you know how to use the tools and CORE.
- If you do not perform this lab, you will NOT be able to submit future labs.
Lab 1 Neighbor Discovery and Learning Switch
- Implement, test and validate neighbour discovery and smart switching.
Lab 2 IP Forwarding and IP Routing
- See how IP packets are moved around the network and set up OSPF.
Lab 3 Software Defined Networking (SDN)
- Setup and configure a network of SDN-enabled devices;
- Operate the network and compare with traditional IP network.
A report explaining the design and presenting validation results is to be submitted for each lab exercise, together the source code. The source code of your implementation (with appropriate comments) must be included in the appendix of your project report. You are encouraged to use this template to structure your report. You must also submit a copy of your source code through the submission system; that will allow us to run your implementation and validate it.

All lab reports (and supplementary documents, e.g. source codes) are to be submitted electronically via the ECS submission system and are due at 23:59 on the date specified. A lab is penalised at 20% per day late (00:00 the following day is counted as one day late).

Any request for extension must be supported by a medical certificate or other acceptable documentation for non medical reasons. Medical certificates must be provided by a registered medical practitioner. Approval for extensions can only be granted by the course lecturers.

Lab Schedule (and Venue)

Tutor-Supervised Sessions:
  • Mondays, 14:00-16:00 at CO246
  • Thursdays, 11:00-13:00 at CO246
Unsupervised Sessions:
  • Fridays, 10:00-12:00 at CO246

During the unsupervised sessions, there will be no tutors in the lab; NWEN302 students are given priority to use the computers.

On-Demand Zoom Helpdesk Sessions:
  • We will have on-demand Zoom helpdesk sessions for students taking the course remotely. To request for an Zoom helpdesk session, please e-mail

Handout and Submission Due Dates

Item Weight Handout Due
Lab 1 20% 1 Aug 2022 (W4 Monday) 14 Aug 2022 (W5 Sunday) for Part(a); 11 Sep 2022 (W7 Sunday) for Part(b)
Lab 2 20% 12 Sep 2022 (W8 Monday) 21 Sep 2022 (W9 Wednesday) for Part(a); 2 Oct 2022 (W10 Sunday) for Part(b)
Lab 3 20% 3 Oct 2022 (W11 Monday) 16 Oct 2022 (W12 Sunday)
Last day for submission of all assignments and lab reports is 12 Nov 2022 (Saturday) at 23:59hrs.


Working Together and Plagiarism

We encourage you to discuss the principles of the course and assignments with other students, to help and seek help with programming details, problems involving the lab machines. However, any work you hand in must be your own work.

The School policy on Plagiarism (claiming other people's work as your own) is available from the course home page. Please read it. We will penalise anyone we find plagiarising, whether from students currently doing the course, or from other sources. Students who knowingly allow other students to copy their work may also be penalised. If you have had help from someone else (other than a tutor), it is always safe to state the help that you got. For example, if you had help from someone else in writing a component of your code, it is not plagiarism as long as you state (eg, as a comment in the code) who helped you in writing the method.