Computer Network Design - Report Template

NWEN 302: 2022 Trimester 2

The report should answer the following questions (based upon an excellent resource on writing engineering reports - Handbook on Report Formats ( from from Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL)).

  • WHAT was done (the problem being worked)
  • HOW it was done (the procedures used)
  • WHAT the results were
  • WHAT conclusions can be drawn
  • WHAT recommendations can be made

Your report should be structured as follows:


What is the purpose of this report, what was the problem being solved and what was the scope of your investigation.


Describe the design of your algorithm / scheme / technique concisely. Use finite state machine diagrams, flow charts, pseudo-codes, or any other formal method that you think is useful to help explain the design.

Apparatus and Procedures

What equipment and tools used. Consider a reader who wants to reproduce your work. What would they need to know? What was the setting for your work, i.e. where was it tested? When did the testing take place, were there any special circumstances?

How did you carry out your testing? Make sure you discuss any use of tools that was particularly effective and also any that were not helpful.

How did you control for confounds? Note that a confound is a factor that might either mean you are not measuring what you think you are measuring. You may want to research the concepts of validity and reliability.

Results and Discussion

Overview of the results. You should copy and paste actual output from commands, code segments or configuration files into your report.

Explain the results; do not just describe the results. Why did you get these results? What could be the reasons for the inaccuracies? How do you think you can improve the location accuracy? Remember to always compare with a known scheme; you should be able to identify one from your term paper assignment.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Conclude your report by summarizing what you have done and highlight your key achievements, e.g. if you have based your design on a scheme proposed in publication and you have been able to improve the accuracy, say it.

Provide recommendations for future work, e.g. how your design and implementation can be improved.


List publications that you have cited (e.g. papers, technical reports), website for tools used, etc. Every item listed here must be cited in the report.


You should include the source code of your implementation and copies of relevant background material. For example:

  1. Appendix A - Source Code
  2. Appendix B - ........
  3. Appendix C - ........


List sources of help that you have received.