Reference Notes

"Draft Java Coding Standard", the coding standard used in COMP205, by Doug Lea. [HTML]. A shortened version for SWEN221 can be found here

The Java style guide required for all assignments in this course.
Java 6.0 (aka 1.6.0) API and documentation. Simply an invaluable guide to the classes and functions on offer in Java.

"Java 1.5 Generics Tutorial", an introduction to programming with generics in Java. [link]

Very help for understanding the lectures on Java Generics
Useful Eclipse tutorials here and here Eclipse is the IDE that you will use throughout this course.
A useful Javadoc tutorial Javadoc comments are required for the assignments in this course.
Useful JUnit tutorials here and here JUnit tests will be expected for some assignments in this course.

  • "How to Write an Equality Method in Java", by Martin Odersky, Lex Spoon, and Bill Venners. HTML

  • "My favourite interview question (2006), Reg Braithwaite". [HTML]

  • "The Story of Mel, a Real Programmer". [HTML]

  • "Designing Reusable Classes (1988), Ralph E Johnson and Brian Foote". [PDF]

  • The law of leaky abstractions, Joel on Software". [HTML]

  • "Big Ball of Mud", Brian Foote and Joseph Yoder, 1999. A classic and highly entertaining read: [HTML]

  • "Sherlock Holmes Debugging". HTML