SWEN 301 (2021) - Structured Methods

This course introduces the processes, practices, and tools required to engineer medium to large software systems. Topics include software craft, architecture, design, implementation, testing, maintenance, quality assurance, configuration management, and open source development. Practical work will use integrated development environments, automation, and domain-specific languages.

Please check https://www.wgtn.ac.nz/student-health/resources/coronavirus for relevant information. Course-specific arrangements for students who cannot be on campus in time:
  • All lectures will be recorded.
  • All lecture notes are available in electronic form, but as they are hosted on Google Docs, there could be problems accessing them in China. If this affects you, please contact the lecturer to provide PDF versions.


6/4/2021: Re: Announcements

I hope you all had a great Easter break! There was a sound issue in the lecture recorded last Wednesday. I have just uploaded a pre-recorded lecture from last year covering this material to Panopto, it is called "Prerecorded 2020 Lecture on Servlets (Replaces 31 March Lecture with Sound Issues)". Apologies for the inconvenience.  -J

31/3/2021: Re: Announcements

I will be partially on leave during the mid-semester break and will therefore not offer regular office hours on 7 and 14 April. However, I am still available on-demand. So if there is anything you would like to discuss, please send me an email to make an appointment. Regular office hours will resume when teaching resumes (i.e. on 21 April).

Also, I have a meeting with the class reps tomorrow (Thursday 1 April) -- so if there is anything you would like to communicate through the class reps, or any feedback on the course, please let them know before the meeting.


31/3/2021: Re: Announcements

Assignment 2 is now available.


see assignments for details