Assignments and Projects: SWEN 303 (2020)

SWEN303 will have two assignments and one project. The assignments and project will be handed out as per the LectureSchedule.

This year you will use one of the following systems as the context for the design:

Each of the three tasks builds on the previous task. Students are allowed to change area during the trimester but this may require additional work. For example, a student does Ass1 on project A. Having completed the persona creation and task assessment they decide they want to design for a different system, project B. For Ass2 they would need to alter the personas a bit, and create new tasks as well as do the design. The second time you do something is usually faster than the first, but even so, there will be more work as you need to submit personas and tasks for Ass2.

Assignment One 25% - Due 20th March 2020

Assignment One is a user empathy task to create personas and user requirements. Assignment 1 Rubric

Assignment Two 25% - Due 11th May 2020

Assignment Two is an ideation and design task to propose potential solutions for the system you have selected.Assignment 2 Rubric

Project Groups

We will update the suggested groups here Project Groups

Project Part 1 Prototype 25% Due 29th May 2020 - New Due 1st June 2020

Project Prototype. This will be the building of a prototype of the combination of designs from Assignment 2. This is a group of 5-6 students working together.

Project Part 2 Testing 15% Due 15th June 2020

Project Testing. This will be the user testing of the prototype from part 1. Again done as a group. Primarily online using Zoom and screen sharing. Suggested testing pairing This is merely a suggestion but if you are having trouble finding testers you can contact the group listed here for help.

Project Part 3 Reflection 10% Due 23rd June 2020

Project Reflection is a group prototyping and testing exercise for a web, mobile, or desktop solution, presenting a tested paper prototype, mockup, or software prototype. The reflections submitted in the last week of the course will be individual reflections on the project that was done as a group.

Written Assessment Rules

In this course there will be a number of written items of assessment. The following rules apply to all written assessment. Non-compliance with any of the following requirements may require re-submission and late penalties may be applied.

You will submit either:
  • A link to your development repository on the ECS gitlab server with documentation in the of the master branch of the git repo
  • An example of the repository format can be found in the Assignment 1 Example of the course gitlab
  • The will contain
    • Title using # containing "# SWEN303 Assignment <num> "
    • Subtitle per member using "## <student name> "

OR for assignment 1 and 2 you may:
  • Submit a PDF file which follows this format
    • 12 point serif font for body text (e.g. Times New Roman)
    • Titles and section headings should be Sans Serif (e.g. Helvetica Neue)
    • Single column
    • Single line spacing (2pt or 115% leading, i.e. 12/14pt)
    • All margins at least 2.5cm
    • Your assignment should have a cover page (in 36pt Helvetica 4pt leading)
      • SWEN303 (larger than the rest at 80pt Helvetica Bold)
      • The assignment or project
      • Your name
      • Your student ID
      • The name of your pair, if you have worked in pairs.
      • For the project, your project group.

Animal Role Explanation

We will create the groups using a role based allocation system. The Animals Explaination.pdf has details of the roles