Lecture Schedule: SWEN 303 (2022)

This schedule is provided as a guide and will be updated as the course proceeds. From week 7 all lectures will take place in LT002, Hugh McKenzie and broadcast online via Zoom https://vuw.zoom.us/my/swen303.

Video of the lectures can be viewed with Video Stream
Week Date Lecturer Topic Video Assessments
1 01/03/2022 Craig Anslow Introduction Video Ass 1 Out
03/03/2022 Personas Video
2 08/03/2022 Craig Anslow Scenarios, Tasks, User Journey Video  
10/03/2022 Design Thinking Video  
3 15/03/2022 Jennifer Ferreira Accessibility Video  
17/03/2022 Computers in the Workplace Video  
4 22/03/2022 Jennifer Ferreira UX Guidelines Video Ass 1 Due 25 Mar
Ass 2 Out
24/03/2022 Heuristic Evaluation Video
5 29/03/2022 Jennifer Ferreira Information Architecture Video  
31/03/2022 UX Ethics Video  
6 05/04/2022 Craig Anslow Wireframes and understanding context Video  
05/04/2022 Colouring Experience Video  
Mid-Trimester Break Ass 2 Due 22 Apr
7 26/04/2022 Craig Anslow Working in Teams Video ProjectPrototype Out
28/04/2022 Group Decision Making Video  
8 03/05/2022 Craig Anslow Cognitive Walkthrough Video ProjectTesting Out
05/05/2022 User Testing Video ProjectReflection Out
9 10/05/2022 Craig Anslow Interaction Design Video  
12/05/2022 Guest: Jack Purvis Usability Testing Tools in Practice Video  
10 17/05/2022 Craig Anslow Data Driven UX Video  
19/05/2022 Guests: Thomas Bryan and Bee Tapara Accessibility and Inclusive Design in Practice (Accessibility Day) Video  
11 24/05/2022 Craig Anslow AR/VR Video  
26/05/2022 Guest: Dr Jacob Young XR in the Real World Video  
12 31/05/2022 Guest: Stuart Marshall AI in UX Video Project pt1 Due 1 June
ProjectPrototype due
02/06/2022 Craig Anslow Course Summary Video  
13 Study Period
14-15 Examination Period Project pt2 Due 17 June
ProjectTesting due
ProjectReflection due