User Experience Engineering - People

SWEN 303: 2022 Trimester 1


Course Coordinator is Craig Anslow and other Lecturers are Jennifer Ferreira. For office hours please make appointment in advance and these will be done via Zoom, contact details below and see TimeTable for further contact hours including helpdesk.


Taran John (email:
Caitlin Fisher (email:
faisal-zaman.jpeg Faisal Zaman (email:

Class Representatives

bea.jpeg Bea Jayme (email:

School Office

The School office is located on level three of the Cotton Building, (room 358).

Software Technical Team

Students needing assistance with the School's software or computing infrastructure should contact the ECS software technicians by sending requests for resources or configuration changes to or problem reports to

Please see the Guide To Writing Good Bug Reports and Job Requests before writing your first bug report or job request.