SWEN303 2022 Final Project - Pt2 - User Testing

Due: 20th June 2022 (Updated)

User Testing of the Prototype

In this stage of the project, you will be testing the prototype from Project pt1. The testing will be on members of the class who are not developing an interface for the same area. Every member of the class must participate in testing at least one other team's project. You will document the testing methodology including a test plan. You will report the results of the user testing. Your individual reflections of the process and the learning will be submitted separately in the relection part of the final project.

Submission Requirements

You will be submitting a link to the gitlab.ecs repository for the project and a link to your reflections on the work you contributed to the projects, and what you were responsible for.

Required content - 1-5 are collated from the previous work and 6-9 are new.
  1. Background to the project. This should be very similar to at least one of the previous projects' background.
  2. Personas. With a description of how the multiple personas coming into the group were merged to form between 4 and 6 Personas.
  3. Scenarios. With a description of how the scenarios where merged and decided upon.
  4. Designs ideation. This shows the different designs that were created for Assignment 2.
  5. Design review. Discusses the evaluation of these designs and pros and cons of each design using an "expert" evaluation techniques of Heuristics or Cognitive walkthrough.
  6. Usability Test plan. This is the plan you used to test the prototype. This includes:
    • Methodology - How many users and what you are testing
    • The script - What you say to the users
    • Roles - Who is doing what
    • Tasks - What are you testing
    • Metrics - How you are measuring (e.g. SUS, NASA TLX)
    • Usability Goals - what is the level you are happy with on the above metrics
    • Problem Severity - How bad are the problems
  7. Usability Test Results
    • The results from the tests, based on metrics, compared to goals and how severe each issue is.
    • Issues that will be updated for the second version of the prototype - listed as issues in gitlab. These issues will be associated with group members.
  8. Updated prototype based on user testing
    • Clearly identified updates from the original update based on user testing with text justification
    • Description of the rationale for the update (e.g. prioritization of issues) and how they benefit the project
    • You do not have to make these updates to your prototype, this is out of scope for the project.
  9. Usability Test Discussion
    • What were the most interesting things you found from user testing?
    • What did you learn from conducting the user testing?
    • What were the most significant results you found from user testing?


Please submit your assignment into the following submission assessment items: