Term Paper :: Report Format

Formatting for final version

  • A separate cover page should contain the term paper title, your name, your student number, and abstract/summary (max 250 words) of your term paper. The abstract/summary does not count in the word limit.

Format: double spaced, 12 pt font, 1 inch margin (top/bottom, left/right).

  • Double-spacing is mandatory. I need space to write my comments and feedback when I mark your term paper.


  • Figures must be clear and of sufficiently high resolution. If your figures are obtained from somewhere, remember to cite the sources of the figures in the caption.
  • A figure is used to supplement your discussion and must be referenced in the text - it is pointless to put a figure without referencing it in your discussion.
  • Figures also refer to tables.

References: minimum EIGHT (8) peer-reviewed references.

  • Peer-reviewed references include papers available from IEEE Xplore, ACM Digital library, other scientific/technical journals available from VUW library, etc. Cite only papers relevant to your term paper and you have read to a sufficient depth. If you cite a book, it is assumed that you have read the entire book; if you read only one chapter, then just cite that chapter.
  • Avoid Wikipedia and other un-reviewed/un-verified sources found online.


Hints and suggestions on how to write your term paper

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