Presentation readings

Please select one paper from the following list for your presentation:

Web Services:
  1. How Composable is the Web? An Empirical Study on OpenAPI Data model Compatibility
  2. On the Maintenance of a Scientific Application based on Microservices: an Experience Report
  3. RESTest: Black-Box Constraint-Based Testing of RESTful Web APIs (chosen by Ranjana Tyagi)
  4. Swarm-based Drone-as-a-Service (SDaaS) for Delivery (chosen by Aaris Baskaran)
  5. An Analysis of Public REST Web Service APIs
  6. Privacy-preserving AI Services Through Data Decentralization
  7. Deconstructing Google’s Web Light Service (chosen by Teng Zhang)
  8. State of the Practice in Service Identification for SOA Migration in Industry
  9. ATLAS: A World-Wide Travel Assistant Exploiting Service-Based Adaptive Technologies
  10. A Scalable and Approximate Mechanism for Web Service Composition
Web Data Management:
  1. Ad Hoc Transactions in Web Applications: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  2. Privacy Policies over Time: Curation and Analysis of a Million-Document Dataset
  3. DynaMast: Adaptive Dynamic Mastering for Replicated Systems
  4. Facebook Ads as a Demographic Tool to Measure the Urban-Rural Divide (chosen by Sofie Claridge)
  5. Constructing a Comprehensive Events Database from the Web
  6. Engineering Scalable, Secure, Multi-Tenant Cloud for Healthcare Data
  7. Query Centric Partitioning and Allocation for PartiallyReplicated Database Systems
  8. An Empirical Study of Web Cookies (chosen by Asad Ali)
  9. Security Implications of Redirection Trail in Popular Websites Worldwide (chosen by Vedashree Patil)
  10. ACIDRain: Concurrency-Related Attacks on Database-Backed Web Applications
NoSQL Databases:
  1. ArkDB: A Key-Value Engine for Scalable Cloud Storage Services
  2. MusX: Online Exploring and Visualizing Graph-Based Musical Adaptations
  3. Mortadelo: Automatic generation of NoSQL stores from platform-independent data models
  4. Choosing the right NoSQL database for the job: a quality attribute evaluation (chosen by Thomas Seuao Tufuga)
  5. A fresh approach for hybrid SQL/NoSQL database design based on data structuredness
  6. AnalyticDB: Real-time OLAP Database System at Alibaba Cloud (chosen by Jinghao Huang)
  7. Beyond Macrobenchmarks: Microbenchmark-based Graph Database Evaluation
  8. Have Your Data and Query It Too: From Key-Value Caching to Big Data Management
  9. Closing the Functional and Performance Gap between SQL and NoSQL
  10. What's Really New with NewSQL?
Cloud Data Management:
  1. Nebula: Reliable Low-latency Video Transmission for Mobile Cloud Gaming
  2. Surrounded by the Clouds (chosen by Vedant Desai)
  3. Location-aware brokering for consumers in multi-cloud computing environments
  4. Big Data technologies: A survey (chosen by Jingwei Min)
  5. How to Supercharge the Amazon T2: Observations and Suggestions
  6. CloudFog: Leveraging Fog to Extend Cloud Gaming for Thin-Client MMOG with High Quality of Service
  7. Scheduling Human Intelligence Tasks in Multi-Tenant Crowd-Powered Systems
  8. Usage Patterns and the Economics of the Public Cloud
  9. Not for the Timid: On the Impact of Aggressive Over-booking in the Cloud
  10. DBaaS Cloud Capacity Planning - Accounting for Dynamic RDBMS System that Employ Clustering and Standby Architectures
Note: If you want to choose another quality assured research paper published in good journals and conferences (e.g., WWW, SIGMOD, IEEE ICWS, VLDB) within the last 5 year please talk to the course coordinator for approval.