Assignment 1 (RDM and ER) (due week 5, Friday 31st March at 11:59pm): SWEN304_435_Assignment1_2023_v2.pdf

Assignment 2 (RA + Optimsation) (due week 8, Friday, 5 May at 11:59pm) SWEN435_Assignment2_23_question.pdf

Assignment 3 (DB design + Normalization) (due week 11, Tuesday, 23 May at 11:59pm) SWEN435_Assignment3.pdf

Project 1 (SQL) (due Week 7, Monday 24th April at 11:59pm): Project 2 (due Week 12, Friday 2nd June at 11:59pm)

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You will write an essay on No-SQL databases. Your essay topic can be A Survey of NoSQL databases. The essay should be around 1500 - 2000 words (3000 word limit), and is due at the end of the term: 19 June. Please submit your essay in pdf. Your essay should include references to support your statement. and arguments.

1) The structure of the essay will discuss:
  • The problem/issue
    • Describe the problem/issue/limitation that NoSQL databases are trying to address
    • Explain why it matters - where does the problem arise in practice.
  • Describe different families of NoSQL databases
    • Explain the solutions presented by each of the families
    • highlighting the similarities and differences between the families
  • Limitations
    • Discuss the limitations of each of the families - what they don't solve yet.
    • Briefly outline how the limitations are addressed by any other databases, if any.
  • Conclusion
    • Summarise the state of the art of NoSQL databases, saying what can be done now, and what issues are still open for future research.
2) To help you with the writing of the essay I provide you some readings for you to start with. You are encouraged to survey more papers to be used for your essay:

1. NoSQL Evaluation - Use Case-oriented Survey

2. Can the elephants handle the NoSQL onslaught?

3. History repeats itself: sensible and NonsenSQL aspects of the NoSQL hoopla

4. Cassandra - The NoSQL Column Store used by Facebook (

5. MongoDB - The popular NoSQL Document Store (

6. Uniform Access to NoSQL Database Systems (

7. Benchmarking Scalability and Elasticity of NoSQL Database Systems
also (
NuoDB - A popular NewSQL Database System (see also here)

If any of the links above do not work please google the paper and you should be able to find it easily.

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