SWEN 438 (2021) - Home Page

Welcome to SWEN 438! This Special Topic course explores the principles of the DevOps transformation currently taking place in software engineering and information technology industries. The theory and practice of DevOps is examined alongside the modern software engineering tools and technologies which are used to create and maintain observable, scalable and reliable information technology infrastructures. This page, and those linked below, provide information about the course and will be updated as the course proceeds. Students enrolled in SWEN 438 should visit this page regularly to ensure that they are aware of the information available here.

If you find errors, note omissions, or have any other comments regarding these pages, please send an email to the Course Coordinator James Quilty <James.Quilty@vuw.ac.nz>.


Announcements will be made in the SWEN438: 2021T2 course Mattermost channel and by email.