Individual Project

Impress Us! For a developer, developing an online portfolio is the perfect way to flaunt the tricks of your trade. A web developer’s portfolio is the evidence to support the claims you have made in your resume. reflect your unique talents and interests. to show the range of tools you’ve used, as well as emphasizing where your skills are strongest. demonstrate basic programming ability and an understanding of fundamental concepts. It can also serve as a catalyst during interviews that helps facilitate deep explorations into the thought process behind a technical decision.

When you submit the project-related files, please make sure you have briefly compiled the following information in a readme file.
  • Project name and description
  • The objective of the project
  • Tech. stack used
  • How you built the application
  • How to run the application
  • How to test the application
  • Software tools used
  • Tangible results
  • Screenshots or animated GIFs showing user flows (if customer-facing)
  • Links to web pages or installers for desktop applications
  • Links to code
Portfolio examples:

Project Examples:
  1. Website
  2. Mobile app
  3. Algorithm, e.g. FizzBuzz, Conway's Game of Life,
  4. Game
  5. Script/plug-in
  6. Data visualisations


Demonstration: Thursday 7 Jan 01:00-16:00. No Powerpoint presentation is required.

Project Rubrics

  • What particular skill(s) does this project demonstrate? What were you trying to show?
  • What technologies did you use? (Known/learned for this project)
  1. A running MVP has no syntax and runtime errors. (30 marks)
  2. The ability to confidently demonstrate the project. You should also be able to clearly articulate what you have learned (i.e. what was new in doing this project) (20 marks).
  3. Illustration of the used technologies (i.e. languages, libraries, deployment platforms, etc.) (30 marks)
  4. The originality of the idea (10 marks)
  5. How did testing take place? (i.e. Unit testing, etc.) (20 marks)
Note I: Marking will be out of 100 although the rubrics have 110 points. What you scored will be computed as follows: Final score = Mark_you_got * 100 / 110

Note II: This is pretty much a 2.5 days project, so we are not expecting a full running system. An MVP that demonstrates the system should do the trick. Please have a word with me if you have any doubts about the scope of the project you chose.

Individual Project

Demonstrations start at 1 pm on Thursday and it is, as usual, you write your name on the whiteboard at the required timeslot.