SWEN 589 (2022) - Industry Research and Development Project - COVID-19 Information


Everything on this page is subject to NZ or VUW policies - those supersede any guidance given here. These policies are also subject to change.

Internships and placements will operate under the VUW guidlines, this has two very specific impacts on people in SWEN589:

  1. "All staff, students and visitors on campus, or participating in face-to-face University activities offsite, must be vaccinated."
  2. "Students involved in internships and placements will be required to follow the guidance appropriate for the host organisation, including vaccine requirements. If the internship/placement is a University activity as part of a course, then students must be vaccinated and have a vaccine pass. Students are also required to make explicit contingency plans under red and orange traffic lights in the approved agreement letter."
This means regardless of the policies of the employer, as you are doing your internship as part of SWEN589, under [2] you need to have a vaccine pass (includes government approved exemptions). If you need to meet with university staff or other students in regards to SWEN589, even in an offsite location that does not normally require a vaccine pass, you need to have a vaccine pass under [1].

If you do not meet the requirements of these policies you will need to negotiate alternative assessment (with approval of the Engineering Associate Dean Students).

Impact on Assessment in SWEN589

  • The majority of the assessment in SWEN589 is report driven, however there are still various elements that Covid may impact:
    • It is likely that requirements around self isolation and workplace rules mean you will need to do part of or even all of your internship remotely. How this is managed, will largely depend on the rules and risk assessments of your empolyer.
    • We expect students to have regular meetings with Matt Stevens, the Work Experience Coordinator and some of these meetings typically include your workplace mentor. It is likely some, or all, of these meetings will need to be remote.
    • Your final report will need to include a reflective Covid impact statement, please see the assignment section for further details.
    • The oral presentations at the end of SWEN589 may need to be held remotely, or some hybrid combination. We'll advise you all of this closer to the time.