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Welcome to XMUT 101 (ENGR101): Engineering Technology (XMUT).

Your ECS accounts will be ready by Monday 1st of March. PLEASE SET YOUR PASSWORD on Monday morning, China time!

To submit your assignments, you need to log into the online submission system with your ECS account. Your account has already been set up. You only need to set a password.

You must go to https://ecs.wgtn.ac.nz/register and fill in the "Guest/Other" part of the identification screen.

Your username will be xmut_ and your ID, (for example: xmut_2012409121) and the activation code is your student-ID (for example 2012409121). Then you can set a password for your login.

Visit this course page regularly

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System Management: Set up ECS account, Change password

For Staff:

Marking system; password reset;