Introduction to Computer Program Design: XMUT102 2019 Trimester T2.

Welcome to XMUT102 for 2019 Tri T2.


To submit your assignments, you need to log into the online submission system with your ECS account. Your account has been already set up. You only need to set a password.

You must go to and fill in the "Guest/Other" part of the identification screen.

Your username will be xmut_ and your ID, (for example: xmut_1812409121) and the activation code is your student-ID (for example 1812409121). Then you can set a password for your login.

Course Pages and Resources:

  • * See also an online self-test suite for practising your Java programming knowledge, (but note that it is not tailored for this course).

System Management: Set up ECS account, Change password, Report a problem

Technical Documentation and FAQs: There are lots of useful pages at Support.WebHome on many different aspects of the ECS computing system.

Other resources: A list of free online courses in computer science, which could add to your learning. Also, A useful list of common Java errors and what to do about them

For Staff:

Marking system; password reset;