CS4HS Teachers' Camp - 1 Dec 2014

Victoria University thanks Google for their continued support of high school education in New Zealand and Australia.


This year there will be three independent CS4HS workshops. Instead of having duplicate CS4HS workshops at Canterbury and Victoria as we have for the last 3 years, Canterbury will run one that (like previous ones) is focused on the Computer Science and Programming Achievement standards, for teachers who are at beginner/intermediate level, so the discussions will be more focussed on getting started. The Victoria one would be more general, looking more at areas of computer science that are of general interest, even if they are outside the standards (this is the model used for CS4HS overseas, and gives a broader view of the topic, which would be more suitable for those already teaching the standards.) Unitec will also be running a CS4HS workshop this year, which is likely to cover mobile applications and devices, cyber-security, artificial intelligence, and robotics. While the organisers of the three events will be working together to coordinate, the events will essentially be independent and covering different areas, so it's fine to apply to go to more than one (if you have the time!)


The workshop will be held on the Kelburn Campus. Here are links to a Kelburn Campus map and Wellington City map. Please note that on the Wellington Downtown Map, Victoria University is not marked but is in the large open area bordered by The Terrace at the bottom, and Salamanca Road on the right.


Attendees from out of town will be staying at Te Puni Village, one of Victoria University's newest student accommodation centers, and only a few minutes walk from the workshop venue. Attendees booked at the accommodation will have received an email from the organiser with the nights and meals that the workshop is paying for.


Wireless internet access will be available during the workshop at the venue, although not at the accommodation itself.


The schedule for the 2014 workshop will be finalised in August 2014.


The local site organiser is Dr Stuart Marshall at the School of Engineering and Computer Science (stuart@ecs.vuw.ac.nz)