PLATEAU 2009 Workshop Program

Time Activity
0830-0900 Welcome and Introductions
0900-1000 Keynote - Presentation by Larry Constantine "User Experience Design for Programming Languages and Tools"
1000-1030 Morning Break
Session 1 Visualization and Analysis (and why they affect the usability of language)
1030-1050 Jennifer Baldwin, Del Myers, Margaret-Anne Storey, and Yvonne Coady. Assembly Visualization and Analysis: An Old Dog CAN Learn New Tricks!
1050-1110 Yit Phang Khoo, Jeff Foster, Michael Hicks and Vibha Sazawal. Triaging Checklists: a Substitute for a PhD in Static Analysis
1110-1130 Christine A. Halverson and Jeffrey Carver. Climbing the Plateau: Getting from Study Design to Data that Means Something
1130-1200 Discussion on the role and value of data presentation/visualization in evaluating languages and tools
1200-1330 Lunch Break
Session 2 Types and APIs (and why we might not want them)
1330-1350 Akira Tanaka. Language and Library API Design for Usability of Ruby
1350-1410 Mark Daly, Vibha Sazawal and Jeffrey Foster. Work In Progress: an Empirical Study of Static Typing in Ruby
1410-1430 Stefan Hanenberg. What is the Impact of Type Systems on Programming Time? - First Empirical Results
1430-1500 Discussion on the role and value of user studies vs. code surveys and how to evaluate the effectiveness of types and APIs
1500-1530 Afternoon Break
Session 3 Non-traditional Programming Models (and the problem with user studies with them)
1530-1550 Meredydd Luff. Empirically Investigating Parallel Programming Paradigms: A Null Result
1550-1610 Nan Zang. End User Programming Opportunities and Challenges on the Web
1610-1625 Discussion on evalution strategies for fringe or non-traditional programming models
1625-1630 Organizers report and participant feedback
1630-1730 Panel - "Bridging the Gap between Programming Languages and Human-Computer Interaction"
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