SDN Hackathon

Following on from the 2014 edition, this is a two day hackathon where we will build SDN applications to run on real hardware.

This is a FREE event held at Victoria University over two days. We will provide switches and some hosts -- you should bring your laptops as well.

Thurs 7 July 2016 @ 9am to Fri 8 July 2016 @ 5pm - location shown on registration.

We will post a mininet virtual network environment before the meeting on the SDNcon website. All of the participants will be expected to be able to download and work out how to get the Faucet controller to work in the place of the virtual controller before taking part.

During the Hackathon we will suggest projects to you that are all aimed at either using Faucet to achieve some end goal or extending Faucet functionality.

Teams are welcomed (all members should sign up for the event) but individuals can take part as well and we can also help in forming teams on the day.

This is going to be a very informal meeting. We will not provide hotel pre-bookings (the city has plenty of rooms). We are going to be building stuff. We will have pizza and drinks each night. Depending on the generosity of our sponsors, we may be able to have lunch provided as well.

There is no cost to register for this meeting. However, space is extremely limited and we will will select participants to encourage a diverse mix. Our logic will probably be opaque and seem capricious. We apologise in advance for hurt feelings.

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