Available Research Topics for Ph.D. students

CaSP has a large number of topics for research available to research students. On this page you find some examples of research topics that are available. Note that other topics are available as well.

The choice of topic depends on the support the student receives. Many graduate students at Victoria are supported by a Victoria scholarship and that allows a broad freedom in terms of the research topic. We also have graduate students working on a project funded by a government agency or a company. In that case the specific research goals associated with the project must be met. The two arrangements are entirely identical in terms of financial support to the student.

If you are interested, then you should also visit application information for prospective students.

Examples of Available Research Topics

* Blind Source Separation for Acoustic Foetal Heartbeat

* Acoustic blind source separation, audio coding

* Cooperative Sensing in Cognitive Radio Systems

* Seizure Detection from EEG

* Nonlinear System Identification for Guitar Amplifiers

* Microphone Calibration for Acoustic Holography

* Real Time Prediction of the Mobile MIMO channel

* Radioisotope Identification

* Detection and Characterisation of Seismic Tremor

* Target Tracking with Sensor Networks