CHINZ 2002

CHINZ 2002 was held at the University of Waikato.

Who went?

  • Alex, Dan, Rilla, and Pippin drove in an impressive 10 hours
  • Robert flew
  • Conrad also was there

What happened?

From the Mouth of Chikken :

Well, people, many things happened actually. Too many to enumerate here. But what the hell. I'll enumerate some of them here.
  1. Driving up took 10 hours, driving back took something like 8 or 9.
    1. Because we stopped in Taupo and shopped for sunglasses.
    2. Because we stopped in Ohakune to drive up the mountain and check out the snow.
    3. Because we stopped to look at Huka Falls.
    4. Because we accidentally ''missed'' Taupo on the way up and ended up in Te Kuiti instead.
  2. Finally ate the brownie bought in Te Kuiti on the trip back. Three days old.
  3. The conference itself was pretty cool.
    1. Free bag.
    2. Free food.
    3. But: bad coffee.
  4. Some interesting presentations.
    1. Andrew Golightly's thing on speech controlled graphics: big "oooooh" factor, though not necessarily that useful.
    2. I wonder if this will turn into an enumerate or just fail miserably.
    3. Guy from Weta was pretty interesting, though not in any particularly HCI way, just very cool movies and technology.
    4. The keynote speaker (Harold Thimbleby, who'll be here on Wednesday) was a bit interesting, but my impression was that his idea (symmetry) wasn't particularly amazing.
    5. My presentation... uh... I survived it.
    6. There was a presentation of a metaphorical interface that was fairly depressing. Though very nice graphics.
    7. Very cool work done on scalable interfaces done by a woman from America. Then semi-replicated (inferiorly in my opinion) by a guy from Auckland. Oops.
    8. Also very cool 'interactive environment' type thing by a guy from Tokyo (I think) where you could interact with a physical table (turning it around) and this would be reflected in a physical table elsewhere, and then you could have virtual objects on it. Not too shabby.
  5. We did laps on Victoria street with Eminem blaring out the windows.
  6. Alex had an urge to drag off people at various traffic lights in his 4WD Mitsubishi Galant MS4 with VCU (Center Differential) that provides independent wheel control and wastes petrol (to the cranking sounds of Eminem!) and won most of them.
    2. Heh heh heh.
  7. Anyway, there's lots more. Presumably others can fill in some more details. I really need to do some work.

PS. My enumerate did fail miserably as it happens. I couldn't copy the tab supposedly there for copying. I wonder if that was some kind of cruel joke. Anyway, if anyone works that out, let me know and I'll fix it.

PPS. I just fixed my enumerate and it worked fine. There's definitely no "Tab-character available here for copying" though, that's just not true I'm afraid.


Some thoughts from Robert:
  • We had more people there than anyone except Waikato. This is good! Note this was also true for the InVis conference in Sydney last year.
  • Very favourable comments from many people about Pippin's and Rilla's presentations.
  • When I came from my motel the first morning, I shared a taxi with 3 other people: all had just arrived the day before from: UK, US, and Japan. Suddenly my 1 hour flight from WeLlington seemed fairly tame.
  • I flew on "Origin Pacific" by the way, $95 each way, pretty cheap really.
  • We toured Waikato's usability lab. Good in some ways: both a single "office" to study, and a big meeting room. Both viewable via one-way glass and cameras. However, all video gear was early digital, and controled by special video boxes, rather than by computer.
  • Opening keynote by Thimbleby seemed a bit weak: I was convinced symmetry was a powerful concept, but powerfully good or powerfully bad -- I'm still unclear how to get that right. Also note all kinds of things were regarded as "symmetry".
  • Closing keynote by Labrie was better than I expected: there are more custom and unique packages at Weta than I realised. It all makes me wonder where synthetic realism is headed, though: why do we bother?

All for now.