Diary of Craig

March 2013

  • Demo of SourceVis to Programming Languages Research Group demonstrating Whiley Programming Language
  • Analsysing videos from user study
  • Both EICS and GI papers rejected.

February 2013

  • Demo of SourceVis to the Computer Graphics people, JP Lewis, Taehyun Rhee
  • Finished D2 of chapters 5,6,7 and got feedback from supervisors
  • Analsysing videos from user study
  • Evaluating Video Analsysis tools

January 2013

  • Submitted paper to NZCSRSC
  • Analsying tools for video analysis

December 2012

  • Writing papers for EICS and GI

November 2012

  • submitted 6 monthly report
  • Dirk Riehle visited and gave us two talks
  • Completed user studies
  • PacificVis paper rejected
  • Successful TechNZ funding grant for SourceVis
  • gave chapter 6 to Stuart and got feedback

October 2012

  • submitted PhD submission scholarship
  • was succesful in PhD submission scholarship
  • working on user studies.

September 2012

  • Submitted paper to PacificVis 2013
  • Reviewed paper for TEI
  • Fixed up system dependency visualization, adding slider for filtering and edge labels
  • Fixed up class dependency visualization, adding slider for filtering and edge labels
  • Made adjustments to startup screen
  • Writing on thesis, sourcevis chapter, chapter 6
  • Video analysis of pilot user study

August 2012

  • Analysing the videos from the user study to determine how users interacted with the visualizations
  • Pilot user study completed
  • Updating dependencies visualizations
  • Fixing up main startup screen
  • Fixing up menus
  • Moved more methods into SourceVis Scene
  • Created ChartVisScene whch inherits from SourceVis Scene
  • Updating system evolution views, pacakge/class evolution views, toxicity chart, vocabularly and system explorer

July 2012

  • Working on System Hotspots View
  • Getting more data for Class Blue Print
  • Completed Class Blue Print
  • Reviewed some papers for ITS 2012
  • Working on Class Dependency
  • Working on System Class Dependency
  • Working on menus and Heads Up Display menus
  • Completed System Package Evolution View
  • Completed System Class Evolution View
  • Fixed up alphabetically sorting JavaMetricsClass sorting when they are displayed as boxes using Comparator.
  • Working on System Class Evolution View

June 2012

  • Organised trip to MetService
  • Created tribute film for Pavle
  • Completed Individual Package Evolution View
  • Completed Individual Class Evolution View
  • Completed System Evolution View
  • Completed Vocabulary
  • Got Man Flu

May 2012

  • Gave JUG talk on MT4j
  • Consulting for company downtown
  • Completed System Explorer, Metrics Explorer, Toxicity Chart
  • 6 monthly report
  • Organised ECS Post-Grads meeting

April 2012

  • Working on dependency view
  • working on evolution views

March 2012

  • trying to add bezier curves to the dependency view ... ran into some issues.
  • created class dependency view as radial layout including edge dependencies
  • Added class dependencies to System Hotspots View
  • Working on metrics for dependencies
  • Working on metrics for toxicity chart
  • Read paper on colocated visual analytics and touch tables
  • Reading some papers about pair programming

February 2012

January 2012

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