Elvis Christmas Party 2004

During the last couple of elvis meetings we have been discussing our Christmas event. So, here is a page to evolve the idea a little further.






Current plan

  • Location - Brenda's place in Kelburn: 3 Ngaio Road (go down Glen Road just past the vet, then Rimu Road, and turn left. We're just around the corner at the bottom, phone 475 7938)
  • Food - BBQ, bring your own food to BBQ. BBQ will be kindly provided by TimWright.
  • Date - Tuesday 14 Dec
  • Time - 1pm

Who is bringing what

Brenda will look after:
  • glasses, plates, cutlery (might be disposable depending on numbers)
  • Windsor Park (Te Horo) strawberries, with chocolate dip

TimWright is looking after:
  • 1 BBQ. (cleaned)
  • 2KG of Charcol. This should be enough unless we are doing lots of cooking - it's been a while since I used the BBQ.
  • Unfortunatly I've just discovered that my fiancee's graduation is at 1pm on Tuesday the 14th. This means that I am unable to attend ChristmasParty2004. This means that someone is going to have to come to my house tomorrow (the 14th) and get the BBQ and some charcoal. It's light and easy to carry, but lighter and easier if there are two people. Who wants to come by - or should I bring it round to Brenda's place tonight (after it's cleaned)? * I probably can if someone else from Vic also wants to wander over before 1. You'll have to remind me of where you live. (MikeMcGavin) * Brenda will collect it tonight (Monday), which is probably easier for everyone.

What else do we need? (any volunteers?)
  • KiRk: A dozen sizzlers, and some fresh bread
  • PippinBarr and RillaKhaled: Yet more sausages (non-pork), tomato and onion salad, brownies.
  • DonAld: Meat, of a type to be determined when I visit the SuperMarket (but not sausages).
  • AngelaMartin: Vege sausages (just for me, unless there is another vegetarian), white bread, tomatoe sauce & a greek salad (feta, tomatoe & cucumbur ...) salad.
  • TobiasWittmann: some German beer and meat
  • DavePearce, I'll bring some Mustard, potato & avocado salad and some beer. Also perhaps some chicken drumsticks if I can find any ...
  • bread? / salads? / wine? JamesKjx will coordinate with BrenDa tuesda morning.
  • BYO drink? - AngelaMartin, this sounds like a plan.
  • RobbieMorrison: something vegetarian and some pita bread (will be about an hour late after attending a Statistics NZ workshop on energy statistics)
  • MikeMcGavin: Maybe some juice or something for people who don't want beer.
  • StuArt: Meat of undetermined origin + anything else that seems BBQ'y.
  • JenniferFerreira


Feel free to bring some CDs if you think Brenda and John's taste in music might be too different to yours

Attendees (and availability)

  • AngelaMartin (as long as it is not between 01 Dec and 05 Dec)
  • AlexPotanin (has his wisdom teeth removed on Friday, 17 Dec, not sure how it affects my availability)
  • PiaHolland ( 14 Dec is cool, not available after 21 Dec)
  • DonaldGordon
  • TimWright (but not between 27 November and 6 December)
  • DavePearce (Tuesday 14th fine with me. I'll confirm separately if my partner can come)
  • KiRk + Nia & kids
  • CrAig (unfortunately can't do Tuesday 14th as my work team is having our Xmas function, but I could probably come to the start of Elvis Xmas)
  • PippinBarr and RillaKhaled - sounds cool to us.
  • RobbieMorrison
  • TobiasWittmann
  • MikeMcGavin, PlusOne. (The PlusOne depends on whether Stacey's still busy digging holes in Taupo on the 14th.)
  • DeanPemberton (Any excuse to get off work =) )
  • JamesKjx; PlusOne (Kath if she can make it up from the beehive) PlusOne PlusOne (Amy and Sarah-Jane may make an appearance)
  • StuArt
  • IaIn

Suggested Dates

  • Thursday 9 Dec 1pm-1am
  • Thursday 23 Dec 1pm
  • (not Thursday 16 Dec 1pm, as thats the SMSCS staff lunch)
  • Hows about Tues 14 Dec or Wed 15 Dec at 1pm? (Thursdays before Christmas do not look promising) (BreNda: I'd prefer one of these, I think) (TimWright: the Wed is bad but the Tuesday is good)


Does Santa have Elf slaves or Elvis slaves, because I would like to help him out this Xmas? CrAig