Elvis Christmas Party 2005

Time, Place, Directions

James's place, Wed 21, 6pm. Take buses: 12 or 18 (or more) that go down Karori Road. The 12 W / Karori West bus will get you right up the hill (from Lambton or Karori tunnel)

Get off after you pass "Richmond Avenue" on your left, towards the end of Karori.

Keep walking forward the way you were going on a bus, till you reach a road going right, after Fish and Chips shop.

Go up that road (Tringham), keeping to the main road (Marshall, Sunshine), until it turns into Victory Avenue and keep walking till number 18 on your right. It will take you around 20 minutes to walk from a bus stop following the road. There is a shortcut, but it'll confuse you. smile Also, be careful that Sunshine turns off from Sunshine to the left; while Victory carries on up the hill.

We are at the "C" in VICTORY on the following map:


Alternatively, there may be rides available on Wednesday night from Uni... smile Contact me if you are interested. smile

Food co-ordination

  • (IanW) Veggie fake sausages and greek salad (going to be quite late -- 8pm)
  • TimWright: strawberries and cream (or something like that anyway - am busy packing so don't have time to cook anything)
  • MikeMcGavin: perhaps SomeDerivitiveOfADeadCow, and/or some RoTi if I can find any.
  • PippinBarr and RillaKhaled: Brownies, some kind of not-pig meat thing, ... maybe more!
  • KiRk: Cooked chicken and bread (inventive, huh?)
  • DavidPearce: i'll bring some beer, burgers + buns, tomato sauce + mustard and maybe olives or other snacky type things ...
  • StuArt: non-veggie, non-fake sausages. Will aim to get ones without pork (or pork derivatives). Soft drink.
  • DonAld: bbqable meat in non-sausage form
  • ErikHaugvaldstad: Some meaty stuff most likely (will probably run a bit late, 7ish)
  • Christo: sausages, real ones
  • ChrisAndreae: Salady stuff, wine

Equipment coordination

  • Barbeque: TimWright has one, but it needs transport (as does he)
  • StuArt's Hyundai Lantra should be up to the task of shipping TimWright, DavidPearce, and TimsBarbeque to the right location.