Elvis Christmas Party 2007

Photos of a glorious event

In Woodridge, home of street names with the suffix "wood", the ELVIS crew descended. Like locusts to an unsuspecting wheat field, Alex's house was ablaze with the red war colours of the communist ELVIS members (well, Neil was "ablaze"). Fire was lit, and many dead animals and plants were charred in the name of BBQ, the results offered up to the hungriest bidder. And when the beers were gone, and the last person left, Alex sobbed quietly in the corner wondering how he was to clean up the mess.


"No, I am firm in this. This is not enough food for me. You'll have to find your own."


"Stuart, if you drink that, I am going to smack you so hard."


Hummus and bread provided much needed energy while the BBQ was being warmed.


Did you know a watched BBQ without a beer in your hand never cooks? It's true!


Do note the lethal cleaver on the side, used to flip burgers as utensils were "in a box somewhere" (Potanin, 2007). Stephen was greatly amused at waving said cleaver when flames burnt his hand. My wrists were less amused, twinging in horror at the possible fate that awaited. I sidled away.


Does Stephen have a very small head, or does Stuart have a very large one? (perspectives are fun!)


"Knave Ramsey, I demand you entertain me! You have danced for 20 minutes straight and now kneel before me for mercy, and you shall have no satisfaction from me. Continue, peon!"


Rilla baked very excellent brownies, but left before anyone ate them and could properly thank her for it and demand a recipe. Perhaps she has decided this will be her crowning ELVIS achievement. It will not be toppled easily.


"I'm not emo, I'm just sensitive. Leave me alone! You'll never understand the pain of writing Java compilers!"

All the photos I took (including ones even more uninteresting than these) can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrislewis/sets/72157603444632522/

-- ChrisLewis


12:00pm, Thursday, 13th of December, 2007


Alex's Place (see the email)

Attending and Bringing What

We need BBQ, meats, salads, vegetarian meats, drinks, etc etc (we have plates and glasses aplenty).

  • StephenNelson
  • AlexPotanin (who will also have his grandparents from Czech Republic staying with him at the time) - I have found an old gas BBQ that I will resurrect for the occasion!
  • Ian : Unfortunately I can't make it now due to a clash with something else
  • Stuart: sausages + soft drink.
  • Thomas: (plus Anja and kids): plate with vegetables, crisps n' dips, whitebread & cheese.
  • ChrisLewis (+ Sara maybe) has to step up and actually be a man, as no-one else is going to do it, so he's bringing burgers. Raw red meat, just as Father Christmas intended. Someone will need to bring buns. PS. I also need a ride from Cotton.
  • DavidPearce I'll get some salad stuff and beer.

Rides to the BBQ?

NB! There is a convenient bus going every 30 mins or more often till very late late at night from Courtaney Place to outside our door! It is the "Woodridge" bus and the stop is "Cedarwood Street" - right outside our house!

  • ChrisLewis (+ Sara maybe), as above
  • Pippin and Rilla (can make our way to uni, or anywhere in town that's convenient)